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An overview of the book: Introduction to Jeremiah

Book One, ch. 1-20
I. Call of the Prophet during the reign of Josiah (ch. 1)
II. Prophecies to Judah & Jerusalem prior to Zedekiah's reign (2-20)
A. Public Sermons (3 messages)--
  1. Twofold Condemnation of Judah for Unfaithfulness (2:1-3:5):
    1. They Rejected Jehovah.
    2. They Reared their own gods.
  2. Charge of Backsliding during the reign of Josiah (3:6- ch.6):
    1. A call for Repentance (3:6-4:4)
    2. A preview of coming Judgment (4:5- ch. 6)
  3. Warning delivered in Gate of the Lord's House:
         False Religion leads to Destruction (7-10)
B. Discourses from Personal Experience (7 messages)--
  1. Israel disobeyed God's Covenant made in the wilderness:
         Their Land will be made desolate. (11,12)
  2. Parable in Action - The Linen Girdle:
          Judah's Pride will be brought to naught at the Euphrates. (13)
  3. Drought & Famine foreshadow the coming Judgment:
         God's Word sustains the few who feed upon it. (14,15)
  4. Jeremiah forbidden to Marry, Mourn or Feast (16:1-17:18):
    • Soon, sorrows, without consolation, must end Judah's joy, because they follow their own evil heart.
    • There is Hope only in the Lord, who alone can Heal the heart.
  5. Message in the Gate of commerce (17:19-27):
         Remember the Sabbath. (A test of heart inclination.)
  6. Lessons at the Potter's house (18,19):
    1. The Lord is able to remake a people who yield to Him.
    2. The Lord will break those who refuse to yield to Him.
  7. Jeremiah's first Persecution (20):
         Could not quench the fire of God's Word within him.

Book Two, ch. 21-44
III. Prophecies during the reign of Zedekiah (ch.21-29)
  1. Answer to Zedekiah regarding Nebuchadnezzar:
    Captivity is unavoidable, apart from true repentance...
    1. As illustrated by the judgment upon the three preceding kings. (21-22)
    2. As illuminated by the future coming of The Righteous Branch in contrast to the present False Shepherds. (23)
    3. As revealed in the Vision of Two Baskets of Figs (24):
      • The Lord discerns between the captives.
      • He will restore the Good, but not the Bad.
      • Zedekiah is among the Bad.
  2. Sentence of Judgment upon Judah and the nations (25):
    • Revelation of Judah's 70 Years of Captivity:
      Because they would not turn to Him or heed His Word, they would not return until His Word was accomplished.
    • Resolution of the Lord's controversy with the nations.
  3. Message in the Temple Court (26):
    • Conflict with the People
  4. Sign of the Yokes (27,28):
    • Conflict with the False Prophets in Jerusalem
  5. Message to First group of Captives re: duration of captivity (29):
    • Conflict with the False Prophets already in exile.
IV. Prophecies re: Future of the 12 Tribes and Judah's near captivity (ch. 30-39)
     (Messages delivered during the Final Siege of Jerusalem.)
  1. The coming Great Tribulation: the Time of Jacob's Trouble
    • But he shall be saved out of it. (30)
  2. The coming Restoration & Renewal of Israel & Judah:
    • "Behold, the days come that I Will . . . " (31)
  3. The future Restoration is Certain,
    • as illustrated by Jeremiah's Purchase of Hanameel's Field. (32)
  4. The future Restoration is Secured, by God's Covenants
    • to be fulfilled in the Person of David's Righteous Branch. (33)
  5. God's Word to Zedekiah (34):
    1. Zedekiah's Captivity Foretold and described
    2. The certainty of God's Word, illustrated by...
      • The people forsake Zedekiah's Covenant,
        just as they had forsaken their Covenant with God. (34)
      • The Rechabites obey the word of their forefathers,
        while Judah disregards the Word of God. (35)
      • Jehoiakim Destroyed the written Word of God,
        and suffered the consequences (36)
  6. Jeremiah Imprisoned (37,38):
    1. Responds to Zedekiah's request for prayer.
    2. Counsels Zedekiah concerning God's Will (twice).
  7. Judah Goes into Captivity, Jeremiah is Released from Prison. (39)
V. Prophecies to the Remnant after the Destruction of Jerusalem...
  1. While they remained in the Land. (40-43:7)
  2. After they removed to Egypt. (43:8- 44:30)

Appendices, ch. 45-52
VI. Message to Baruch (45)
VII. Messages to the Nations:
  1. To Egypt (46)
  2. To Philistia (47)
  3. To Moab (48)
  4. To Ammon, Edom, Damascus, Kedor, Hazor, and Elam (49)
  5. To Babylon (50,51)
VIII. The Destruction of Jerusalem, in retrospect,
     and in specific Fulfillment of Prophecy (52):
  1. The fate of Zedekiah
  2. The fate of the City
  3. The fate of the Temple
  4. The fate of certain people
  5. The fate of the exiles
  6. The fate of Jehoiachin

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